Tourist Visa
by Sumantra Mukherjee

Sumantra Mukherjee's Tourist Visa comprises drawings from his sketch books. With bold charcoal strokes and on site he produces immersive pictures of his surroundings. A full ashtray hooligans Kunst-wristbands strangers talking Piet Blom Tower attics feet in slippers harbor cranes submarines WiFi artist books spoons window displays plucked chickens the keys to his room church towers farm trees train station records in a record store funk can smoking bears smoking monkeys good palm beers pet dog mussels. Tourist Visa presents a draftsman's practice immersed in the city space, the vocabulary for his larger paintings. This publication was launched on the occasion of Sumantra's exhibition 'Normal' at Het Wilde Weten in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Back Door Books
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