Robert Mallary: Computing Art
EDITED by Mason Whitehorn Powell

Mallary Archive is a collection of art, photographs, writing, and ephemera from the early, middle, and late career of Robert Mallary (1917–1997). A majority of the artwork from Mallary’s studio was kept intact by his family following his death. After being stored in several locations it was rediscovered in 2021 and obtained in a private purchase. As one of the first American artists to work with a computer, and teach a course on Computer Graphics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Mallary is a key figure in pre-digital, digital, and generative art.

Robert Mallary: Computing Art contains photographs from the Mallary Archive and an essay by Mason Whitehorn Powell, "A Short History of QUAD" (an important sculpture series). The covers are screen printed and pages are french fold with digital art by Mallary on the inside of each fold. The book has a comb binding and was printed in an edition of 500 copies in 2023. Thirty copies are available from Publication Studio. 

4.6″ × 8.5″ × 0.25″
Pilot Editions
Originating studio:


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