Publiciteit Catalogue
by Various authors

Publiciteit is a public art project by Publication Studio Rotterdam featuring local artists Ilke Gers and Falke Pisano, and poet Çağlar Köseoğlu. In their different ways, each of the newly commissioned works consider the politics and possibilities of publishing in public space, drawing on Publication Studio Rotterdam’s aim to find alternative ways to consider the social life of the book. Wiggling into the loopholes of the civic policies that determine our movement and demarcating the invisible histories that sit beyond the public record are just some of the approaches that are chalked up, recited and considered when asking what publishing can be in a city like Rotterdam. In pushing such questions into the realm of the city, elements inherent to publishing—like distributing textual material or developing a readership—are applied to public space as a way to communicate and circulate facets of Rotterdam that may not always intersect.

The catalogue for Publiciteit was launched during the finissage of the exhibition and includes next to photo documentation of all the works in the show, texts by co-curators Isabelle Sully and Yin Yin Wong, several poems by Çağlar Köseoğlu and a text by Falke Pisano that is part of the work 'Before the Law', made for Publiciteit

7.48″ × 11.02″ × 0.16″
Publication Studio Rotterdam
Originating studio:


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