In the Mines

by Douglas W. Milliken and Scott Sell

Incident Report No. 1–100

by Max Goldfarb and Mike Lee

Inherited & Borrowed Types

by Ruby Sky Stiler

Jacob von Gunten: A Diary

by Robert Walser

Janet McCalman: Oral Informants

by Isabelle Sully

Karen Brodine: Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking and Censorship

by Isabelle Sully


by Alex Mackin Dolan

Knotted Mass II

by Holly Slingsby

Lace Sick Bag

by Joon Oluchi Lee

Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Ports, Harbours, Headlands, etc., in the World

by Lyndl Hall

Leaf Litter No. 3

by Signal Fire

Left Behind

by Chris Sollars

Lessons from a Lonely Italian

by Sydney S. Kim

Lessons in Heterosexuality

by John Bloomfield

Living the Blues

by Jeremy Reed

Lollie, Penny, Poems

by Erin Jane Nelson

Looking Glass Book

by Melody Owen

Low Ropes Course

by Jesse Harrod

Mapping the Ward

by Janet Morton & Annie Dunning

Marginal Equity

by Kade L. Twist

Meiro Koizumi

by Open Satellite

ME∑(s)A Project Space

by James Papadopoulos

Mijn Kevin, Ons Parijs

by Obe Alkema

Model Minority

by Gendai Gallery

Model Turned Comedian

by Heather Guertin

Mohawk Anglican Freemasons

by Peter Lamborn Wilson


by Leora Morinis and Aki Sasamoto

MoMA Cubicle

by David Horvitz

My artistic life is a mobile state

by Kristy Edmunds

My Black Death

by Arthur Jafa