In Ten Minutes

by Carolyn Meili

Where do the characters go when the story ends?

by Karina Beumer

Flow Country

by Jasper Coppes & Daniel Lee


by Lawrence Rinder and Colter Jacobsen

Knotted Mass II

by Holly Slingsby

Marginal Equity

by Kade L. Twist

Dreaming Is Common To All

by Emilio Fantin

Incident Report No. 1–100

by Max Goldfarb and Mike Lee

Encyclopedia Project Vol. 3

by Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis & Katie Aymar

Two Augusts In A Row In A Row – Artist's Edition

by Shelley Marlow

Cidade queer, uma leitora

by Publication Studio São Paulo

Queer City, A Reader (English)

by Publication Studio São Paulo


by Jessica Higgins

Low Ropes Course

by Jesse Harrod


by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge


by Carl Skoggard

Para um léxico dos usos / Toward a Lexicon of Usership

by Stephen Wright

'Books Matter' Poster

by Timothy Young

Sex of the Oppressed

by Nikolay Oleynikov


by Andrew Buszchak

Some Memories About Memory

by Devon Kerslake


by Christina Kingsbury and Anna Bowen

Cream River

by Douglas W. Milliken

Fowre #1: Synth

by Andrew Siskind

Sartor Resartus

by Thomas Carlyle

Mapping the Ward

by Janet Morton & Annie Dunning

Sonnets: Walter Benjamin

by Carl Skoggard

The Green Force of Spring

by Howard W. Robertson

MoMA Cubicle

by David Horvitz

My artistic life is a mobile state

by Kristy Edmunds