Leaf Litter No. 3

by Signal Fire

How it Hurts

by Timothy Furstnau

Four Poets and a Play

by Jeremy Reed

Summer Goals

by Anne Parker and Christie MacLean


by Daniel Duford

Living the Blues

by Jeremy Reed

Stand On This Picnic Bench And Look North

by Sam Lohmann

Volume North & Volume South

by David Horvitz & Zach Houston

A Circular 2

by Pedro Cid Proença

Burnside: A Community

by Kathleen Ryan

Weekend Leisure Karaoke: List by Artist and List by Song

by Weekend Leisure

Ballad of the Sad Young Men

by Philip Charles Iosca

Chère Alice/Three Lives

by Cate Gable


by Christine Shan Shan Hou and Hannah Rawe

Business As Usual

by Arnaud Desjardin

event statements

by Joseph Redwood-Martinez

Two Odes of Quiddity and Nil

by Howard W. Robertson

The Collected

by Jacqueline Suskin

The Dream of the Cold War: Poems 1998–2008

by Grant Cogswell

Catalogue of Variable Essence

by Ashby Collinson and Dana Dart-McLean


by Gabriel Parniak

POP ART POEM (with Advertising)

by Jesse Harris


by Candace de Taeye