by Mekel Zertal

When I Was a Tree

by Dina Bursztyn

Lessons from a Lonely Italian

by Sydney S. Kim

A Thread Or Line That Holds Things Together: 99 Subtle Manoeuvres

by Martine Syms

New American Rustic Formalisms

by James Papdopoulos

Readings on Economy Below Sea Level

by Constança Saraiva and Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa

Passengers from the Absolute to the Relative

by Sanela Jahić

Free Concert

by Michael Turner

A Book About—

by Åbäke (Maki Suzuki and Kajsa Ståhl), Corinn Gerber, Laure Giletti, Jp King, Chris Lee, Patricia No, Anouk Pennel, & Benjamin Thorel

Lessons in Heterosexuality

by John Bloomfield

How To Play Your World

by Richard Marsella


by Nicole Lavelle

General Education

by Carlos Gonzalez and Kyle Thompson

Natural Progress

by Ben Jonson


by Joel Dean


by New Avenues for Youth and various artists

Syrup Rotterdam

by Asnate Bockis


by Louis Jargow, Suzahn Ebrahimian & Lauren Moran


by Tennis Club (Alyson Davies, Megan Gnanasihamany, Morgan Melenka, Renée Perrott and Marie Winters)

Improvising Freely: The ABCs of an Experience

by Lê Quan Ninh

40 Things I've Learned

by Cadine Navarro

PATH, A Generative Bookwork in Twelve Volumes

by Kate Armstrong

Plays Modern

by Mary Lum

A Bachelor's Cupboard

by A. Lyman Phillips

Every Second One Hundred Bolts of Lightning Strike the Earth

by James Hoff


by Matt Prins

People I Used to Know

Model Minority

by Gendai Gallery

A Recent Writing

by Liz Allan and Perri MacKenzie

Re-Reading the Riot Act, Cycles One through Five

by leannej