A Lizard, a Smashed Safe, and a Pillow (Encountered on a Walk in Oakland)

by Lara Durback

The Book(s): Artist Books of Ned O'Gorman

by Ned O'Gorman and edited by Elizabeth Howard


by Nickelas Johnson


by Leora Morinis and Aki Sasamoto

See I Saw

by Keith Wilson


by Erik Visser

Backwards Metamorphosis Library

by Hyung-Min Yoon

Open Poems

by Rachel Rose and Alex Da Corte

For Want of a Nail

by Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine (Futurefarmers)

Country War Songs

by Susanna Browne


by Brenda Draney

Bad-Badtz Maru

by Quintessa Matranga

Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Ports, Harbours, Headlands, etc., in the World

by Lyndl Hall

Sound Guelph

by David J. Knight

Self Help

by Michael Welsh


by Hou Chien Cheng

The Spirit of the Ghetto

by Hutchins Hapgood


by Lindsay Boldt

All Over The Map

by The Musagetes Foundation

Human Capital — A Life

by Christian Nagler

Plastic Words

by Louisa Bailey, John Douglas Millar, David Musgrave, Luke Skrebowski, Natasha Soobramanien and Luke Williams

Things We Should Have Said

by Danger Punch


by A Recent Writing

The True Levellers Standard Advanced

by Gerrard Winstanley

Agenda 2036

by Lexi Pendzich

Handbook for Human Machines

by Max Goldfarb

Exhibition To Be Destroyed, Again

by Helen Pitt Gallery

Commune A Tutti È Sognare

by Emilio Fantin

Lollie, Penny, Poems

by Erin Jane Nelson

Left Behind

by Chris Sollars