In the Mines
by Douglas W. Milliken and Scott Sell

In their first-ever unified narrative effort, longtime friends and collaborators Scott Sell and Douglas W. Milliken combine their stock of down-and-out and sometimes lucky characters into a coalescent shape. Eleven songs. Eleven stories. One singular world of yearning and fear. Where eagles mate in mid-air. Where the cows have annexed the living room. Where the farthest ferry runs and all roads at long last mercifully end. This first edition of 100 handmade books comes packaged with a CD, digital downloaded included. Artworks by artist Richard Iammarino reproduced throughout counterpose the worlds imagined by these stories and songs.

Douglas W. Milliken wouldn’t mind making his yard look less like a knotweed hell, but knows he’ll likely park himself on the couch instead, listening to doom metal while the house animals glower in mixed disappointment and boredom. All this and more he declines to accomplish in Scarborough, Maine.

Scott Sell is a filmmaker and writer living in Rockland, Maine—the supposed birthplace of the hole in the donut. He sometimes records music, often with Douglas W. Milliken. This is one of those times.

5.5″ × 5.5″ × 0.25″
Pilot Editions
Originating studio:

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