Cloud Bridge
by Seyoung Yoon

A combination of a personal memoir with essays on contemporary artists, completed by short pieces of fiction, Cloud Bridge proposes a subjective approach to the South Korean art scene. In the book, Seyoung Yoon discusses how the generation of South Korean artists born in the 1980s she belongs to – such as Ikjung Cho, Kang Jungsuck, Min Yoon – dealt with social and political issues as well as the notions of self-determination and identity; she connects these concerns with the practices of a wide range of artists, poets, filmmakers, illuminating and reflecting on possible ways to define one’s trajectory. “What may define us as a generation, is intrinsically linked to what defines each of us as a person, meaning, what we fought for, what we fought against, what we stood for, what we welcomed and what we rejected, what we had to accept and what we decided to abandon, what was embarrassing and what was fun, what we hated and what we loved.

Seyoung Yoon (b. 1986, Seoul; lives & works in Berlin) is an artist whose installations may feature paintings as well as words, videos, and objects, forming specific atmospheres and triggering waves of feelings and moods.



3.54″ × 7.09″ × 0.35″
Publication Studio Paris
Originating studio:


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