who claims abstraction (with a difference)?

by Kristy Trinier, Kimberly Phillips, and Francisco-Fernando Granados

Quem disse que sapatão não sabe cozinhar?

by PSSP, Greta, Félixe & amigues

Sublingual Syllabus

by Kevin Unstruck

rExistencia tem voz de mulher

by Agrupamentos

Tudo o que deixei de dizer em voz alta

by Agrupamentos

Songs of Love, Death, and Pleasure

by Hazel Jane Plante

Les attentes ⋅ Table Book

by Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge

Feral Hues: A Guide to Painting with Weeds

by Ellie Irons

Não Parecem Sentir Vergonha

by Agrupamentos

A thing conducting

by Rosanna Puyol

Few Recipes For Tired People

by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Noah Brehmer.

The Dream Life

by Bo Huston

Fieldguided II: Joshua Tree

by Lisa Schonberg

Cinco contos zapatistas / Cinco cuentos zapatistas

by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

No one knows what a body that can’t can do

by Elian Chali

O Lone Traveller

by Mélika Hashemi and Shirin Fahimi

Cloud Bridge

by Seyoung Yoon

Chapter 15 : I lie on the floor

by Claire Finch


by Soto Labor

wild wild west

by Sherian Mohammed Forster

Strip Club Book for Leah Jolie (second edition)

by Oliver Coran with Kevin Killian

A muitas mãos: k-pop e o potencial social do fandom / Held by Hands: K-pop and the Social Potencial of Fandom

by Sol Archer


by Aaron Senitt

We artists don’t create artworks. We invent practices / Lxs artistas no hacemos obras. Inventamos prácticas

by Silvio Lang


by Kerry Bickford, Pablo Guardiola, Michael Linares, Nicole Pollard, Noah Simblist, Stephanie Smith

Take 'Em Down: Scattered Monuments and Queer Forgetting

by Simon(e) van Saarloos

Change Starts Now: Our Stories, Our History, Our Heritage

Depression Cooking: easy recipes for when you're depressed as fuck

by Sonali Menezes

City in a Wild Garden

by David Maddox, Malerie Lovejoy, and Curtis Walker

My Dead Book

by Nate Lippens