October 25th, 7pm
@ 717 SW Ankeny St. Portland, Oregon 97205

Le Bacchanal III

Please join us at Publication Studio for the third Le Bacchanal!

October 25th, 7:30pm – Food by Neal Barnard —$35 or RSVP at ps@publicationstudio.biz

It's good to bite into a persimmon and then leave the rest, staining the table underneath. Spill bagna càuda on your clothes, oops. Dye the tips of your hair with Campari. Eat pasta with your hands and wipe them on the tablecloth. Kiss the person across the table and knock over a bottle of wine. There are no mistakes with food when you're eating with other people. We carry each other through the meal. "The notion that the world is common to us all is vital," says Lyn Hejinian, and that is so hot. 

Part of Le Bacchanal is to read something during the meal. It can be something you wrote, something you've read, just about anything. Please bring something to read! 

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Sunday, october 25th 4pm
@ Publication Studio Rotterdam Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Fall, harvest – quintuple book launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of five new publications. Please join us at Publication Studio Rotterdam this coming sunday at 4pmOur program: Places of a present past will be introduced by the editor and curator Noah Simblist who published this book together with Publication Studio Hudson. From the London sibling of Publication Studio we will present Plastic Words. Natasha Soobramanien is an author and member of the collective of writers and artists behind the book. She will be here to speak about their work. Rotterdam based artists Liz Allan and Perri MacKenzie launch their re-edition of A Recent Writing. Furthermore we are very happy to present Minders, a new novel by Matthew Stadler and Sartor Resartus, a publication of Back Door Books, our Rotterdam imprint. 


There will be drinks and, after 7 pm, a bonfire and soup.
Please find more information about the publications below.

All book will be available for sale (cash only).





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October 20, 7pm
@ Publication Studio 717 SW Ankeny St. Portland, Oregon 97205

Mood Disorder by David Horvitz

Please join artist David Horvitz for a launch of his new book Mood Disorder. Mood Disorder documents the propagation of a photograph of David Horvitz across the internet. The image—a self portrait of the artist with his head in his hands, ocean waves crashing in the background—was initially uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, and placed on various Wikipedia pages. From there, the image began to circulate, appearing on over a hundred websites as a "stock" photo to illustrate articles on a wide range of mental health and wellness issues. 

Publication Details: 

David Horvitz: Mood Disorder
with a text by Ed Steck
co-published by Chert and Motto Books, Berlin
designed by The Future

35 x 25 cm
72 pages, stapled bound
isbn: 978-1-927354-23-0
first edition (2015)

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October 9th, 7:30pm
@ 717 SW Ankeny St. Portland, Oregon 97205

Grant Maierhofer reading

Please join us for a reading by Grant Maierhofer, the author of Postures, the most recent title in our Fellow Travelers series . 

Kevin Killian on Postures by Grant Maierhofer,

"X, a young Midwestern novelist of uncertain talent, attends a Chicago-based writing program and relapses, after a few years of relative, Celexa-fueled relief from depression and self-harm. Though his world grows dark and cold, and he moves away from society with the unerring sincerity of the pilgrim, we never lose faith in X, due to Maierhofer's impressive storytelling. He's good both at the level of detail (and sentence), and in the larger picture (and for what might still be called "plot," even in a novel so postmodern and affectless). Postures establishes itself early on as a guide to young America, but if I'd read the French translation, I would be thinking of Baudelaire, his poetry and fury and contempt and his sadness and his call for a transfixing fire."

free and open to the public

Grant Maierhofer is the author of Marcel, Postures, and The Persistence of Crows. His work has appeared in Gestures, Berfrois and elsewhere. Postures is his second novel, and the eighth in Publication Studio's Fellow Travelers series. 

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Friday, September 18 @ 7:30pm
@ Wendy's Subway, 722 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Book Launch and Talk: "Places of a Present Past"

In conjunction with the launch of the new publication, Places of a Present Past, from Publication Studio Hudson, curator Noah Simblist and artist Aissa Deebi will discuss the ways that contemporary artists address the traces of trauma left on particular sites; paying close attention to the scars left by the wounds of war. Simblist, the book's editor, will talk about the structure of the book itself, which touches on Japanese-Korean relations, post-Holocaust Germany, and Israel-Palestine. Deebi, one of the artists included in the publication, will talk about his work on the history of Palestinian Marxism. Books will be available for purchase.

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