July 23rd at 7pm
@ Harvard Bookstore 1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Shelley Marlow and Lori Horvitz at the Harvard Bookstore

On July 23rd Shelley Marlow and Lori Horvitz will discuss their recently published works (Two Augusts In A Row In A Row and The Girls of Usually, respectively) at the Harvard Bookstore at 7pm, and the evening will also include a book signing. 

free and open to the public

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July 7th at 7pm
@ London Centre for Book Arts, Unit 18 Ground Floor, Britannia Works, Dace Road, London, E3 2NQ

Jason R Jimenez & Francesca Lisette at Publication Studio London

Publication Studio London is delighted to host a reading by Oakland based writer Jason R Jimenez, author of The Wolves, and London based poet/performance artist/arts writer Francesca Lisette, whose book Teens was published by Mountain Press in 2012. 

The Wolves is part of The Fellow Travelers series. Inspired by Olympia Press's Traveller's Companion series of the 1950's and 1960's, which published work that had been banned or censored, The Fellow Travelers Series publishes new work that has effectively been "censored" by the market. 

Join us for readings, drinks and freshly made copies of The Wolves after hours at London Centre for Book Arts! 

Free and open to the public

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June 21st, 2015, 7pm
@ Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97212

Marginal Exposures: The Social Life of the Film

June 21st, 2015 at Hollywood Theatre

Marginal Exposures: The Social Life of the Film is a one night event hosted by Publication Studio showcasing the unique perspective of several local artists as they examine and reinterpret marginal works. The night will feature acts like Dan Gilsdorf's personal retelling of Repo Man—the 1984 film by Alex Cox—with additional live soundtrack performed by Brian Mumford as Jewelry Rash. The night will also feature several obscure 16mm films culled from Associate Professor Stephen Slappe's personal collection (PNCA). Finally, Publication Studio will hold hold a live book publishing demonstration where everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to submit a page of whatever a page of whatever they choose for binding that very night, supplies provided at the event. Live Q&A following the show. 

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May 30th, 2015, 1pm-3pm
@ Publication Studio, 717 SW Ankeny Street Portland, Oregon 97205

Pillowtops & Beyond, a brunch book launch with HQ Objective

Please join us for the brunch launch of Pillowtops & Beyond, by Carly Mandel and published by HQ Objective. 

A hybrid of an artist book and exhibition catalogue, Pillowtops & Beyond  follows a collaboratively developed narrative which takes its root in exploring a space that is in a constant state of dissolution.


Between moments of sleep and wake, dream and reality, pattern languages spoken by and understood by the human perception are cross-wired and re-presented. In the repetition and nascence of Carly Mandel’s physical manifestations of objects in a disillusioned exhibition space, we are invited to explore a narrative locked in the interplay of subversion and confluence. Walls partially unfinished, and walls crumbling, it could be thought that an act of entropy or a wind of confusion were responsible for creating the vacant displays in Pillowtops; speaking clearly, and in intimate whispers, but selling to no one.


Five contributors expand upon and carry the world created by Mandel. Within you will find notes on a water heater system, floral arrangements, stale books, real material, a letter, everyday consumerism, and a pragmatic body politics, among other things.







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Thursday, May 28th, 2015. 12:30pm-2pm
@ Publication Studio, 717 SW Ankeny Street / Portland, Oregon 97205

PSU Art and Social Practice Reference Points Book Series Presentation

Please join us as we host Julie Ault, who will be giving a talk at Publication Studio as part of Assembly 2015, PSU's social practice conference. On display will be the series of Reference Point Books that Publication Studio has been publishing with PSU for the last few years. 

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