noon-12:45pm, March 4th, 2015
@ RISD Museum 224 Benefit St, Providence, RI 02903

Joon Oluchi Lee reads at RISD Museum

Joon Oluchi Lee will be reading excerpts from his new novelette 94 at the RISD Museum on March 4th. Joon Oluchi Lee is Associate Professor in the Literary Arts and Studies Deparment, and was educated in South Korea, Iowa, Virginia, and northern California. He is the author of Lace Sick Bag, "The Joy of the Castrated Boy" (Social Text, F/W 2005). His writing and textual performances can be found on twitter @girlscallmurder,, and

94 is a pocket sized book of a sweetly potent story set in 1994 filled with intimacy and young relationships. It is a cameo of a novel, a miniature portrait made in relief, existing daintily between the second and third dimensions. Who sat for the portrait: a 19-year old boy in 1994, going to college in the South, gay and Asian, who will become female by 2014. The Stuff into which the portrait was carved; the feelings aroused by boys he desired, the feelings he wanted to have; feelings that are historically specific, that are products of a specific moment in time, space, and cultural evolution, when those days of innocence were actually defined by more manipulation, heartlessness and cruelty than today.

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May 21st, 2015
@ McNally Jackson 52 Prince St. New York, NY 10012

Peter Nickowitz and Deborah Landau at McNally Jackson

Peter Nickowitz, author of Cinema Vernacular, will be reading with Deborah Landau at McNally Jackson on May 21st.

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