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Twenty-Seven Installations

Twenty-Seven Installations by Portland Center for the Visual Arts

Twenty-Seven Installations chronicles the history of Portland Center for the Visual Arts (PCVA), Portland’s first contemporary art center. From 1972-1987, PCVA hosted exhibitions, lectures, music performances and video screenings from artists with national standing, alongside a burgeoning Portland arts community. Many pioneering artists, including Richard Serra, Vito Acconci, Alice Aycock, Donald Judd and Sol Lewitt had some of their first shows at PCVA, helping launch their professional careers. PCVA was soon emulated by other centers around the country, providing a model of a multidisciplinary arts center focused on avant-garde, non-commercial and cutting edge work. Reprinted by Publication Studio, the new edition features a new cover and a preface by Lisa Radon.

$35 softcover; $10 DRM-free ebook
74 pp.
10 1/2" x 11" x 1/8"
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ISBN: 9781935662518
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