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Weekday (issue no. 2)

Weekday (issue no. 2) by editors: Megan Stockton, Patricia No, Alex Felton, Sam Korman, Jae Choi

Weekday is Publication Studio's occasional journal of new writing. Contributors to issue no. 2 include Sarah Meadows, Diana George, Drew Scott Swenhaugen, Elizabeth Pusack, Don Antenen, Jordan Stempleman, Sara Jaffe, Ben Marcus, Edward Jeffrey Kirksciun, Jane Wong, Samuel Lang Budin, Zach Savitch, Katherine Perry, Valentine Freeman, Craig Epplin, Israel Lund, Melanie Noel, Michael LaPointe, Andrew Wilhite, Ossian Foley, and Tim Young

$15 softcover; $10 DRM-free ebook
108 pp.
7 " x 8.5" x 0.25"
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ISBN: 9781935662945
hashtag: #w2PubStud

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